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Social Entrepreneurship Club (NUSEC)

NUSEC activities:

  • “Doing Good  ... Doing Well” inaugural event in May 2012 at the Marriott Zamalek hotel was attended by around 85 people including faculty from different universities, members of NGOs and professionals from the private sector.
  • The NUSEC participated in the 2012 Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) with a seminar on “Moving from Invention to Innovation” presenting thereby a solution on how to move from an idea to an actual prototype or a business plan that could be both revenue generating and at the same time doing socially good.
  • Getting a global perspective, members from the NUSEC have been invited and have attended in October 2012 the Global Conference on Social Entrepreneurship and CSR at George Washington University, DC. In parallel, they have participated in the knowledge forum that was organized and sponsored by GWU and the ILO.
  • A major focus of NUSEC will be to contribute back to society through engagement in projects that do social good and generate revenue. 

NUSEC’s 3 pillars are:

- Do social good
- Generate revenue
- Provide positive personal return

  • Abiding by its mission, the NUSEC team has partnered with NU100 in the judging of the NU100 entrepreneurship candidates where the social entrepreneurship aspect was a main evaluating criterion. NUSEC has taken part in mentoring the winning projects of the competition during the 2nd phase of NU100.
  • Continuing on building awareness and collaborations, NUSEC has participated in the 2013 GEW with a seminar on “Finance for Entrepreneurs” focusing not merely on means of funding, but also on business sustainability.