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The Mission of the NU Library is to support the educational and research needs of the NU community. Faculty, staff and students will be able to access information about the collections, services and most of the electronic resources on and off campus. The library will provide printed and digital materials in the three main academic programs that are currently offered: CIT (Computer and Information Technology), MOT (Management of Technology) and EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration).

Library Services:

  • Library Online Catalog
  • Library Readings
  • Circulation & reserves 
  • Current Awareness Services
    • NU Library offers a current awareness service for academic staff and research students to keep them updated with recent references in their different research areas. 
    • SDI (Selective Dissemination of Information)

      Selective Dissemination of Information service is provided to NU library users upon their request according to the recent updated information technical needs in their fields.

    • References Services

      The reference service at the NU Library supports the mission of the University by providing the best possible access to all information resources available in the Library.

    • Document Delivery Service

      Provide the library with inaccessible materials on site to the NU community to meet the needs for learners' research operation.

  • OPAC
  • All NU staff and students are able to access the NU Library Catalog through the Library homepage via the Internet to search < all materials held in the Library 
  • User-Orientation
  • The NU Library provides orientation to all new students on how to use the library and its available services.
  • Electronic resources
    • E-Databases    E-Journals     E-Books     Multimedia

Contact Us: 

Phone: +202 3534 - 2109
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ask a Librarian:

There are many ways to contact the NU librarian for assistance in you research and library needs through:

  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Inquiry Email
  • Phone call
  • Personal visit