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Graduation Projects



Nile University mission as a research entrepreneurial university is to support engineering and CIT students with the needed practical experience. This will be achieved through hands-on experience in the graduation project where all students have to form teams, select ideas, and start implementing the knowledge they earned during their academic journey.


The university is committed towards providing all needed support and resources to the students while working on their projects such as financial support, counseling support, experienced supervisors, external contacts, intellectual property and commercialization consulting … etc.

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Projects of 2013/2014

Computer Engineering Program

Project Title                Say It Smart

Abstract                       Say-It Smart is an intelligent sound based presentation and illustration software. It’s a desktop application that can also be remotely controlled by a smart phone GUI either through clicks or speech commands. This project is applying 3 main computing concepts that   are   speech   recognition,   artificial   intelligence,   and   creative   interface   design.  A Speech   recognition   engine   and   its   corresponding   libraries   are   going   to   be   used   in speech-to-text code production that is to be used to either control a presentation session or for live text display. Artificial intelligence will be used in implementing the main features that distinguish this application from others like a follow-up of the user's talk in order to present the appropriate slide, giving the user and the audience the real-feel of an automatic presentation assistant. To wrap up, creative and edgy interface design is going to offer an engaging and user-friendly environment alongside with its cross platform feature to support several devices.

Team Members            Ahmed Shabayek – Doha Yousri

Supervised By              Dr. Mahmoud Allam

Contact                        This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Project Title                Brainbox

Abstract                     This project aims at empowering the human race to advance new technology in an easy, convenient way. This would be possible through BrainBox which is based on Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology.BrainBox is composed of 2 components; BCI kit and Raspberry Pi (a single-board computer). Together they create a communication channel between our brain and thoughts with any software or hardware applications. This channel is created first by the BCI kit where it receives the EEG signals produced from the brain and then transfers it to the raspberry pi, which interprets these signals to an instruction or command to the designated software or hardware application. The possible applications for BrainBox are countless. One of the possible humanitarian applications is emancipating the physically impaired to go on with their daily routines as normal and most user-friendly approach and interface as possible. This project is mainly motivated by the potential triumphing of the physically impaired 
people over their ordeals.

Team Member            Nevine Mahmoud - Ahmed Nassar - Noha Elkammah - Ahmed Hossam 

Supervised By            Dr. Ahmed Samir 

Contact                        This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Electronics & Communications Program                                 

Project Title                Accessny

 Abstract                      This graduation project aims to provide ease of use, comfort, and security for any user with a NFC (Near Filed Communication) equipped Smartphone. The generic idea is using your Smartphone to access buildings instead of your RFID cards, in addition to using your Smartphone instead of your pre-paid gas, metro and credit or debit cards. Our graduation project makes this possible by creating an android application called "AccessnY" that would emulate your RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) card signal and then send it to the RFID reader. Currently the available applications on a NFC equipped Smartphone can only read the data on an ID card but it cannot send that data back to a RFID  reader or filter through the data and distinguish the necessary code that will provide you access to a building or purchase of a utility. Our application would use the NFC feature to read data from an ID card then filter through this data to generate the specific signal that is needed by the RFID reader to provide access. When this idea is achieved, the possible applications are numerous. For example, we can use this to instantly connect people on their social networks with just a phone bump. Or instantly share a folder or pre uploaded files like “Dropbox” and even automatically connect to a facility's WI-FI with only a swipe gesture.

Team Members            Abdelrahman Fahim – Mohamed Amr – Omar Moenes

Supervised By              Dr. Rafik Guindi – Dr. Mahmoud Allam – Dr. Alaa Hamdy

Contact                        This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Project Title               Content Addressable Memory Design

Abstract                       The aim of this project is the design and VLSI implementation of a low power Content addressable memory (CAM) in 65nm technology, including longest path calculations, schematic, layout, verification and simulations. CAM is a special type of memory that is used in very high speed searching applications. CAMs are mostly used in network routers for packet forwarding and packet classification; it is also very useful in applications that require high speed searching, as it can be used to accelerate any application requiring fast searches of data-base lists or patterns. A CAM can also be used as a search engine. 

Team Members            Mary Bakhoum – Donia  Amr

Supervised By              Dr. Rafik Guindi

Contact                        This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Industrial & Service Engineering & Management Program

Project Title                Formation of Industrial Hub in Egypt

Abstract                       Chose the optimal industry and place for Egypt to establish an industrial hub and make the most suitable hub design to the economy, manufacturing and market dynamics in Egypt.

Team Members            Ban Faisal - Emad El Sherif – KholoudElwan - Mariam Elzeiny - Mariam Riad - Nancy Mustafa

Supervised By              Dr. Ahmed Deif – Dr. Ahmed Mohib

Contact                        This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.