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Dr. Hosam Ahmed Shawky

Dr. Shawky is an associate professor in water chemistry and got his B.Sc, M.Sc and Ph.D in chemistry. He is the founder of "Water Treatment & Desalination Unit" at Desert Research Center (DRC) that is concerned with the production of better quality water by the synthesis of different polymeric materials (membranes, films, hydrogels, fibers …etc). Moreover, he is also the founder of "Water Quality Unit" as a part of the Central laboratories of DRC. Hosam Shawky now is the director of the "Central Laboratories" at the DRC. He was a post-doctor for one year at the department of Civil & Environmental Engineering-Pratt School of Engineering-Duke University, North Carolina, USA. His activities at Duke University were focused on the development of advanced reverse osmosis membranes by the synthesis of nanomaterials membrane composites. He made a considerable progress in the incorporation of carbon nano-tubes into polymeric membranes. Recently Dr. Shawky joined, as associate professor, Center of Nano Technology-School of Engineering & Applied Sciences-Nile University. Now, his work is focus on the synthesis, characterization and different applications of nano-composite materials.