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Who we are


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Nile University (NU) is a world class research institution of learning committed to excellence in education and research.  NU was officially inaugurated in January 2007. Nile University is a national (Ahleya), non-governmental and non-profit university and a leader in technology and business education in Egypt and the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region.  Its business and technology-based programs and research centers are designed to address critical areas of vital importance to the economic growth and prosperity of the people of Egypt and the region and to engage in cutting edge applied research.

Research undertaken at NU is conducted in collaboration with top local and international leaders from industry, academia, governmental entities and NGOs.

NU offers programs leading to Diplomas, Masters and PhD degrees and a strategic set of undergraduate programs in selected areas as well as executive education and professional development programs. NU’s graduate programs are offered in collaboration with international partners that are distinguished in their respective fields.


The vision of Nile University is to be a world class, internationally recognized research university


The mission of Nile University is to contribute to the development of the technology-driven economies in Egypt and the region through the pursuit of education and research at the highest levels of excellence.

To accomplish its mission, NU shall:

  • Recruit, develop and retain high quality faculty and staff.
  • Attract, support and retain highly qualified and motivated students.
  • Create an educational environment and physical facilities conducive to learning and research.
  • Establish strong linkages with business, government and NGOs to enhance the capacity building in the local and regional community.
  • Promote a culture for creative research and critical thinking.
  • Leverage the expatriates' resources.
  • Encourage collaboration with other universities.
  • Harvest research output and incubate intellectual property.

Core Values

In support of the mission, NU faculty and staff are committed to shared core values that promote:

  • Excellence
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Freedom of Thought and Expression
  • Respect for the Individual