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NU & The Community

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As the first national, autonomous, non-profit Research University in Egypt, NU believes that the role of the University should not be limited to awarding academic degrees and conducting research, but, possibly just as importantly, to raising awareness in the community, sparking interest of youth in innovation, science and technology and providing opportunities to enjoy culture and arts thus extending the impact of the University on the Community as a whole rather than just on its immediate stakeholders.
Nile University allocated much of its time and efforts to community outreach events since its establishment with a variety of activities and initiatives targeting different segments of the society:

Connecting with the business community through seminars and conferences on subjects of current interest open to the public.

Following are examples of such events that have taken place recently:

  • NU Business Canvas Model Workshop.

  • Islamic Finance Workshop

  • Finance for Entrepreneurs

  • Building Bridges between Egyptian NGOs and CSRs

Startup ManiaSupporting student groups from other public and private universities by hosting their events at NU premises and providing them with training and mentorship from NU faculty and staff.

  • Egyptian Engineering Day: NU sponsored the Egyptian Engineering Day in 2012 and 2013 and provided sessions and awards to winners.
  • Egy Science Festival: NU provided hosting to the Egy Science Festival at the Smart Village, judging of teams, workshops and connecting the participants to ASRT for funding.

  • Start-Up Mania: Nile University has hosted start-Up Mania, an student event organized by IEEE MUST Student Branch at NU campus from September 24th through 26th 2014. The event provided ideation training for over 100 participants coming from different universities from all over Egypt over the span of 3 days under the theme energy crisis. Start Up Mania also featured motivational speakers from the fields of technology, entrepreneurship and NGOs with the aim of encouraging youth to take initiative and explore possibilities of turning challenges into opportunities. Supporting student organizations in providing entrepreneurship awareness is part of the mandate of Nilepreneur, an NU initiative established 2 years earlier.

Raising awareness about entrepreneurship and innovation and providing capacity building, technical and non-technical support for start-ups, SMEs, governmental and non-governmental bodies:

- A nation- wide competition offering 400 young man and woman with innovative ideas that have great potential for growth and wealth creating an opportunity to receive a complete "Entrepreneurial Tool Kit" to start-up their own businesses.

- Match-making opportunities and seed funding for winners.

- 4 Geographic centers have been identified to be equally represented in the Competition:
1-Greater Cairo region
2-Delta and North Coast
3-Suez Canal and Red Sea Region
4-Upper Egypt
September 3rd, marked the launch of a new unique entrepreneurship initiative for Nile University entitled “Ideaspace”, established incollaboration with Hadath and Innoventures:
Ideaspace is the first center for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship to be established within an Egyptian University.  In addition to incubation space for technology based start-ups, the center is designed as a comprehensive platform for training,mentorship, community services and awareness about entrepreneurship. These services are offered to four broad categories of users:
Students of Egyptian Universities, fresh graduates, entrepreneurs and researchers.  Ideaspace will also aim to foster connections with local and regional companies, universities, research centers, investors, governmental entities and organizations operating in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation as well as experts from industry and technology fields. Accordingly, Ideaspace is designated to be the launch pad for inventors and entrepreneurs focusing on technology and thus will have a strong impact on the whole entrepreneurship and innovation scene in Egypt.
 Training and Capacity Building
- Supporting ASRT’s efforts to launch a call for Technology Innovation and Commercialization Offices (TICOs):
Resulting in 32 offices launched across the nation
- Awareness session on TICOs activities attended by around 120 members from the TICO Community
- Research Institute Capacity Building to ASRT, Misr El Kheir and NRC Staff.
Realizing the economic situation in Egypt as well as the drive for youth to take action, Nile University Social Entrepreneurship Club was founded in May 2012 aiming to foster social entrepreneurship in Egypt and the region through providing a student run platform by which its members can access entrepreneurial opportunities, network with peers and alumni, and add to their personal growth.
- Nile University’s entrepreneurial culture drives students and researchers to follow their dreams, materializing their innovative ideas into actual products and services and spinning them off into start-ups and SMEs which address actual market and societal needs.
- NU provides support to aspiring entrepreneurs whether from the University or outside in terms of skill development, mentorship or access to funding organizations.
-Several of Nile University’s research output and applications of academic theories have been spun-off during the past seven years into technology-based start-ups that work in close connection with NU’s research centers and programs.


Spreading Cultural Awareness

Nile University is cooperating with El Sawy Culture Wheel on the revival of cultural activities within the area of Sixth of October with the aim of spreading culture awareness and providing an opportunity for a larger segment of the public to communicate with the various arts.